2 Pound Lobsters
Fresh Maine Lobsters (2 lb)
Fresh Maine Lobsters (2 lb)
Fresh Maine Lobsters (2 lb)
Fresh Maine Lobsters (2 lb)

Fresh Maine Lobsters (2 lb)

How many Lobsters? (Most Families Order 2 Per Person)
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šŸ¦ž Guaranteed to Arrive Alive or Your Money Back

šŸ¦ž 2 pounds to 2.25 pound Hard Shell Lobsters

How many Lobsters? (Most Families Order 2 Per Person)

Guaranteed to Arrive Fresh

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Overnight Maine Lobster Guaranteed Fresh
Overnight Maine Lobster Shipped from Maine
Overnight Maine Lobster Family Owned and Operated
Overnight Maine Lobster Fisherman

Experience the Star Restaurant Quality and Freshness


Our Maine Lobster is not onlyĀ melt in your mouth delicious, but it is as fresh as the Maine ocean air! Your lobsters will come from the Maine Atlantic Ocean, shipped overnight to your door within just a few days. Your Lobster will be so fresh, it will make you feel like you are on our local Maine coast, eating fresh Maine Lobster and enjoying our beautiful "captain" sunsets!

Guranteed as Fresh as the Maine ocean air or Your Money Back!

Ever smelt a foul fishy smell with your seafood? Yeah that is not good! Our lobster will never show up dead or smelling harsh. It will always show up smelling as fresh as the Maine ocean air. Nobody else can make this gurantee in theĀ entire industry,Ā because their lobster isĀ not as fresh as ours!



What is our Family Secret?

Our Lobster is handpicked and sourced directly from Local Lobstermen.Ā The alternative option for stores that sell Lobsters, is going through a
wholesaler. When this happens, lobsters swap hands multiple times, delaying time it takes from the ocean to your door. This makes the Maine "red gold" less fresh from ocean to table.

We also go the extra mile by storing our lobsters in Maine engineeredĀ "family secret"Ā salt water tanks with water from the Atlantic Ocean. This process mimics the lobsters natural environment so it is like they never left the ocean!

Other companies use big tanks with fresh water and than
add salt to try and "copy" the Atlantic Ocean. This process is
cheaper, easier, makes the lobsters shrink in size, they do not live as long, and break down constantly.

Buy now and enjoy the freshest lobster you will ever experience!


Fresh, Wild Caught & Organic

Fresh, Wild Caught and Organic Lobster is much tastier compared to lobster
in a can or frozen lobster.

We ship to all lower 48 states! All orders are shipped the following business day, unless otherwise requested. Orders will be shipped overnight Monday-Thursday. We strive for orders to be prompt, with passion and a "thank you for local support" in every box!

If you would like specific dates, just click on special instructions section that is located on the next page and let us know what date you would like your order.

Most people boil their lobster, but us here at Overnight Maine
Lobster prefer to steam it. Here is how we like to cook our lobsters.

-Fill a large pot up Ā¼ full with water

-Add salt, lemon, and onions to the water (optional)

-While you wait for the water to boil, remove the bands. Be careful not to rip the claws off (optional, you can keep the bands on if youā€™d like)

-Once the water starts boiling, add the lobsters

-After the water is brought to another boil, cook the
lobsters for 10 minutes. They should be bright red

-After 10 minutes remove the lobsters from the pot and let them sit for 5 minutes (they are going to continue to cook)

-ENJOY the freshest, tastiest lobster!!