Fresh Lobster Meat For Sale
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Fresh Lobster Meat For Sale
Fresh Lobster Meat For Sale
Fresh Lobster Meat For Sale in a bun
Fresh Lobster Meat Tail, Knuckle, Claws - As Low As $89/lb

Fresh Lobster Meat Tail, Knuckle, Claws - As Low As $89/lb

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  • 1 Pound Makes 4 Delicious Lobster Rolls!

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Fresh Lobster Meat For Sale: The Overnight Maine Lobster Difference

Most of the other companies out there that we have seen selling Maine Lobster Meat, are selling Frozen Lobster Meat.


This lobster meat is totally different and just doesn't taste as good. Maine Lobster gets shipped to Canada where it is then processed at a factory, put in a brine, frozen, and the shipped back to Maine. This lobster meat is just Claws and Knuckles.


When you purchase this type of meat, you receive processed, saltier, frozen lobster. And who knows how long it has been frozen for? Has it been frozen for 1 month? 3 months? 6 months? a YEAR? You will never know! They don't even include the tastiest part of the lobster, the tail.


Do you really want to eat this junk?


With us, you are not buying frozen, processed, knuckle and claw lobster meat in a sodium packed brine. You are buying fresh Maine Lobster that is caught from a local Maine losbterman. Our lobster meat is picked daily in Hallowell Maine, so that you get the freshest lobster possible. And you don't jut get the knuckles and claws, you get everything, including the knuckles, the claws, the legs, and the sweetest tastiest part of the lobster, the tail.


Buy from us today, and skip the frozen, sodium, low quality lobster meat. Our picked fresh daily lobster meat will be equivelant to you buying live lobster, and cooking plus picking it yourself.


If you are not convinced yet to buy from us, no big deal. Do yourself a favor though, and ask the company if their lobster meat is fresh or frozen first though. Is it just knuckles and claws? If it is why did they leave out the tail?


We would hate to see you pay the same price or more, for much poorer quality lobster meat, and not experience Maine Lobster the way it should be experienced!

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