Dungeness Crab Clusters  Overnight Maine Lobster
Dungeness Crab Clusters  Overnight Maine Lobster
Dungeness Crab Clusters  Overnight Maine Lobster
Dungeness Crab Clusters  Overnight Maine Lobster
Dungeness Crab Clusters  Overnight Maine Lobster
Dungeness Crab Clusters  Overnight Maine Lobster

Dungeness Crab Clusters Overnight Maine Lobster

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  • 5 Ounce Clusters - The Best, Sweetest Tasting Size!

  • Pre cooked. Just heat and eat.

  • We typically recommend 1.5 lbs Pounds per person

  • Guaranteed to Arrive Fresh

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Dungeness Crab Clusters  (5 Ounce clusters)


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5 Ounce Dungeness Crab Clusters Cooking Instructions:

Steamed Dungeness Crab Clusters Recipe


5 Ounce Dungeness Crab Clusters (thawed if frozen)

Salt (for seasoning the water)

Lemon wedges (for serving)

Melted butter (for dipping)


Large pot with a lid

Steamer basket or rack



Prepare the Crab:

If your crab clusters are frozen, thaw them in the
refrigerator overnight. Rinse them under cold water to remove any ice or

Prepare the Pot:

Fill a large pot with about an inch of water. Add a pinch of
salt to the water for added flavor.

Place a steamer basket or rack inside the pot, ensuring the
water level is just below the basket.

Heat the Water:

Cover the pot with its lid and bring the water to a rolling
boil over high heat.

Steam the Crab:

Once the water is boiling, carefully place the crab clusters
into the steamer basket using tongs. Avoid overcrowding the pot; steam in
batches if necessary.

Cover the pot with the lid and let the crab steam for about
5-7 minutes. The crab is done when it's heated through and emits a fragrant,
oceanic aroma.

Check for Doneness:

Carefully remove a crab cluster using tongs and check if
it's heated through. It should be hot to the touch. Avoid overcooking, as this
can make the crab meat tough.


Serve the steamed crab clusters immediately with lemon
wedges and a side of melted butter for dipping.


Crack the shells, extract the succulent meat, and enjoy the
fresh, sweet flavors of the Dungeness crab, complemented by the tangy lemon and
rich butter.


You can add herbs, beer, or wine to the steaming water for
additional flavor.

Remember to provide tools for cracking the crab, such as
crab crackers and picks, to make the dining experience enjoyable.

Enjoy your meal!

Dungeness Crab Clusters  FAQ’s

Q: How should I store the Dungeness Crab Clusters upon
arrival? A: For optimal freshness, store your Dungeness Crab Clusters in the
refrigerator immediately upon arrival. They should be kept at a temperature
below 40°F. If you're not planning to consume them within the next two days,
it's best to store them in the freezer, where they can be kept for up to three

Q: What is the best way to cook the Dungeness Crab Clusters?
A: Dungeness Crab Clusters can be cooked in several ways: steaming, boiling,
grilling, or even baking. For a simple method, steam them over boiling water
for about 5-7 minutes or until they are heated through. You can enhance their
natural flavors with a bit of lemon and melted butter.

Q: Are your Dungeness Crab Clusters sustainably sourced? A:
Yes, our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. Our Dungeness Crab
Clusters are sourced from fisheries that follow strict regulations to ensure
the health and longevity of crab populations. We are dedicated to providing not
only the finest but also the most responsibly harvested seafood.

Q: Can I order the Dungeness Crab Clusters for a special
event, and how far in advance should I place my order? A: Absolutely! Our
Dungeness Crab Clusters are perfect for special events. We recommend placing
your order at least one week in advance to ensure availability and timely
delivery. For larger events, contacting us two weeks in advance would be even
better to guarantee that we meet your needs.

Q: Are the Dungeness Crab Clusters allergen-free? A:
Dungeness Crab Clusters are shellfish and can be allergenic to people with
shellfish allergies. We recommend that individuals with a shellfish allergy
avoid consuming this product. Additionally, they are processed and packaged in
facilities that may handle other allergens, so please check with us if you have
any specific concerns.