What are Maine fisherman like? You might be surprised

Have you ever wondered what a fisherman is like? What do you think that they are like?


There are 2 hot topics in Maine right now that threaten the Maine fishing industries and Maine fisherman. I personally think that the media needs to keep in mind that there are 10,000's of Maine fisherman involved with these hot topics. 


A lot people all over the country have heard of these topics. The first topic is, Maine is talking about allowing an international company from another country build windmills all over the coast of Maine, and the Maine fisherman are worried that this construction and the vibrations from the windmills will disrupt the ecosystem and fishing industry.


The second hot topic, is there are some groups that are accusing Maine fisherman of killing a species of whale  and calling for a boycott on Maine seafood and to make fishing in Maine illegal.


I grew up fishing, and never ever heard of anyone ever running into or hurting a whale. Sometimes they whales come into the bay, and you would see whales, but we would stay far away from them. So growing up I never have heard of anyone ever hurting a whale. But I don’t want to get into politics, and will let you research on your own, and come up with your own opinion about the whales and windmill hot topics.


But I wanted to talk about what Maine fisherman are like, since I grew up with fisherman and my father is a fisherman.


Maine fisherman are typically born and raised into fishing families. Usually it’s a long line of fisherman, their father was a fisherman, their grandfather, great grand father, etc.


For some reason, if you are talking to a Maine fisherman, you are going to hear the thick Maine accent way more frequently than talking to any other Mainer. The Maine accent is basically a Boston accent.


Fisherman are blue collar hard working people. A good amount of Maine fisherman really beat their bodies up and have to retire from fishing in their 50’s-60’s. The fisherman that some how were able to preserve their bodies and not beat it up to a point where they are forced to retire, will typically fish until they cant no more. I literally have met a couple of fisherman out there working hard that were in their 70’s.


Most importantly. Good People. For the most part, Fisherman are good, honest, people. They don’t lie. They don’t steal. They don’t cheat. If you are broke down on the side of the road, or you go off the road in a snow storm, if a fisherman drives by, they are going to help you.


You know the saying, “that person would give the shirt off their back for you?” That is a fisherman to a T.


Every fisherman I have fished with was extremely cautious of taking care of the environment. The fisherman do not want to catch every fish in the ocean. Because they know if that happens, then they will have no fish left to catch.


They don’t pollute the ocean and throw trash in the ocean. They want to take care of the oceans. They respect all the marine life. Occasionally we'd catch massive 100-year-old lobsters that are the size of the lobster trap. And we'd take a minute to appreciate how old that lobster was and how many times its been caught. 


We'd see Harbour porpoises which is like a dolphin, and sun fish, seals, sturgeons, starfish, octopus, various species of fish, and just admire them. We'd try to stay out of their way the best that we could. 


The point of this story was just to humanize fisherman. They are good people, hard working people. Normal people just like you and me. I feel like the media tends to forget to point this out when talking about fisherman, so I just wanted to give you my point of view. 


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