What are the different grades of tuna steak?

What are the different grades of tuna steak?


Tuna steaks are generally graded based on their fat content and the color and texture of the flesh. The grades of tuna steak are:

  1. Sashimi grade: This is the highest grade of tuna, with extremely high-quality flesh that is very firm and has a bright red color. Sashimi grade tuna is suitable for raw consumption, such as in sushi or sashimi dishes.

  2. Sushi grade: This grade is slightly lower than sashimi grade, but the flesh is still of high quality and is suitable for raw consumption. The color may be slightly less vibrant than sashimi grade tuna.

  3. Seared grade: This grade of tuna has a slightly lower quality of flesh than sashimi or sushi grade, but it is still suitable for searing or grilling. The flesh may be less firm and may have a less vibrant color than sashimi or sushi grade.

  4. Canning grade: This is the lowest grade of tuna, and it is used for canning and other processed tuna products. The flesh may be of lower quality and may have a darker color than the higher grades of tuna.

These grades are not regulated by any official organization, and the terms may be used differently by different sellers. When purchasing tuna, it's a good idea to ask the seller about the quality and grade of the tuna to make sure you are getting the type of tuna that you want.


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